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Official Walsall F.C. Sites (8)

Official Club Site

Standard stuff for most pro clubs as produced by the premiumTV scheme - dry, fairly informative, non-controversial and full of adverts trying to part you from your money!  To view certain sections and to post on the forum, it is necessary to register.

Club On-line Shop

Get your credit and debit cards out to buy official club merchandise from this on-line shopping site.

Community Programme

A site dedicated to the school and community links built by the club and the programme operated by Mick Kearns and Adam Davy.

Conferencing & Banqueting Facilities

Site giving details and booking facilities for the conference and banquet facilities at Bescot Stadium plus a link to the neighbouring Park Inn hotel.  It's just a pity that the "thickos" in their marketing department haven't realised that Walsall is NOT in Birmingham!

Bescot Sunday Market

Details of the extremely popular Sunday market, staged around the Banks's Stadium, every week.

Saddlers Property Shop

A joint venture with PropertyQuest, a local estate and letting agent, to earn commision for the club.

Saddlers Holiday Club

Operated by Thomas Cook, offering discounts to Saddlers' fans.

G.M.I. Property Company

Not strictly a Walsall Football Club site but one of a company whose history, since the late 1980s, has been inextricably linked to that of the Saddlers, including the construction of Bescot Stadium, the Park Inn hotel and the appointment of Peter Gilman to the Walsall F.C. board of directors (strangely, not mentioned on the G.M.I. site).  It's just a pity that they can't spell 'Bescot'!

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Football Supporters' Trust (2)

Supporters' Trust

The official site of the Walsall Supporters' Trust - currently out of date and awaiting a re-launch.

Trust "Buy On-line" Scheme

A chance  for supporters to buy goods on-line (not necessarily football-related) from over 80 outlets with a small commission being paid to the Supporters' Trust.

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Unofficial Sites (8)

Up The Saddlers

A full and informative site, operated by Steve Roy.


Part of the Footy Mad network. Regularly updated with the latest Saddlers news and it contains a database of useful information. Administered by Andy van Hagen.


The newest site - looks well-produced but adds little in the way of new features - apart from a "Girls' Corner"!

Sport Networ k

Part of the SportNetwork group, as its name suggests. Last updated in March 2007 when administered then by David Penniall, a young fan from Cheslyn Hay.

Vital Football

Part of the "Vital" network .


Part of the Team Talk network containing the usual commercial fare of news, gossip and advertising.

Part of the 360Football network.

TheSaddlers Site

The newest site on-line. Appears to be defunct now .

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Fans' Forums and Message Boards (13)

Banks's Talk

UTS - The biggest and most-used Walsall forum - by quite some margin.  It has far more regular users than all the other Walsall forums put together.  Sponsored by IC Shipping.

Colin Taylor Forum

One of its best features is the presence of several visiting fans from rival clubs.  May be read by anyone but registration is necessary in order to post.

Vital Walsall

Very smart and professional.  Whether it will make any inroads into the hold of the the existing forums, particularly UTS, remains to be seen.

Walsall Forum

May be read by anyone but registration is necessary in order to post.  Appears to be defunct, currently.

Team Talk

This forum covers the whole of League Two and not just Walsall F.C.  Registration is necessary to post a message.

Football Forums

As if there weren't enough forums and message boards, already, here is yet another one, devoted to the Saddlers.

Soccer Sense

Yet another message board - this one dedicated to League One.

Saddlers Chat

Smart looking board but rarely updated and attracting little traffic. Registration is necessary in order to post on the message board.

CyberFC Forum

Another totally unused forum.

BBC League One

Dedicated to the whole division

Express & Star

Some Saddlers blogs from Mark Jones.


A rarely used Walsall F.C. forum for the Birmingham Post & Mail group.

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Football Newsgroups (6)

Eat Sleep Sport Football

A commercial news site with a section on the Saddlers.

Yahoo! Sport

Newsgroup with a section on Walsall F.C.


A web news site with a section on Walsall F.C.

My Football News

Another Saddlers web news site

Another Saddlers web news site

Football Web Pages

News about League One

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Records and Statistical Data (9)


Commercial site, geared towards betting but with a useful database of the staff at Bescot Stadium.

English Professional Football History

A French (!) site giving statistical information of the Saddlers' playing history back to 1892.  Don't worry - it's in English!


An information site - containing very little information!

Since 1888

Database of all professional players

Players' Career Details

An impressive list of players' appearances from 1946 to 2008 compiled by Neil Brown.

Wikipedia (1)

No subject would be complete without an entry in the World Wide Web's favourite on-line encyclopaedia.

Wikipedia (2)

A section in the German language version of Wikipedia.

A Yahoo! page which actually links to Wikipedia

English Clubs in the Past

A summary of Walsall's post-war results and attendances

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Media Sites (7)

BBC (National)

One of the best and most popular sites on the World Wide Web has a section devoted to Walsall F.C.

BBC (Black Country)

Links to local BBC television and Radio WM

Sky Sports

The satellite/cable channel's page dedicated to the Saddlers.

Beacon Radio

Site for the Wolverhampton-based commercial station

BRMB Radio

Site for the Birmingham-based commercial station

Express & Star Group

Our biggest-selling local evening newspaper's website pages dedicated to the Saddlers (includes Sporting Star).

Birmingham Post & Mail Group

A site for ALL the local Trinity Mirror titles (Birmingham Mail, Birmingham Post & Sunday Mercury).

Virgin Media Video

All the League One games' highlights may be viewed on this excellent site.  You may need to register your Windows Media Player (free) to view it but it is not viewable outside the United Kingdom.

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Playing Kits, etc.(8)

Past Walsall F.C. Shirts

A very interesting site listing and illustrating the variety of shirts worn by the Saddlers, over the years.

Classic Kits

As above

Historic Kits

Recent Walsall kits

Premier Shirts

A selection of past shirts.

"Toffs" Football Shirt

A chance to buy a replica Saddlers shirt of yesteryear

Historic Replica Shirt

A chance to buy a shirt from the Fourth Division days

Football Shirt Hall of Shame

The Saddlers green & white checked shirt (away change kit) of a few seasons ago makes the list (fourth column, 21 rows down).


Looking for Walsall memorabilia? Try the web's top auction site.

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Fellows Park and Bescot Stadium (7)

Stadium Guide

Walsall's entry in this international guide.

Internet Football Ground Guide

An excellent guide to Bescot Stadium by Duncan Adams.

Memories of Fellows Park

A photographic trip down Memory Lane for older Saddlers' fans.  A simple but superb collection, compiled by Alex Mowbray.

Madbot's Video of the Saddlers' last two grounds

A video clip of Bescot Stadium and Fellows Park

Fellows Park

Another site paying homage to Walsall's previous ground by Duncan Adams.

Rob Scott's Photo Album

A selection of photographs of games at Fellows Park, taken by Rob Scott.

Video Clip of Fellows Park

A brief clip of the old ground, taken in the late 1980s (not 1979, as stated) by W.Gibson.

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Fans' Personal Sites (10)

Pete's Walsall Portal

Remarkably, considering the distance, a very good archive site operated by ex-pat Saddlers fan, Pete Lee, in Hong Kong, China.

Walsall FC The Saddlers

Even more remarkable, a very professional site operated by a Swede, Pär Stener who, as yet, has not even seen the Saddlers play! (Fans of rival clubs would, no doubt, make the obvious comments!).

Phil's Photo Album

A splendid selection of photographs taken by Phil Burton (a.k.a. philthesaddler) at matches, both home and away.


Glen Noad's (a.k.a. Ned Kelly) personal site

Saddler 4 Life

A personal site by Rachel Lewis, a young fan from Bloxwich (not updated since the end of the 2006-07 season).

Saddlers Planet

Another fan's (Paul) personal site (not updated since the 2004-05 season).

Up The Saddlers - A Walsall F.C. Weblog

Despite the name, this has nothing to do with the Steve Roy site, above.  Operated by the person who launched the 4-3-1-2 site, below (not updated since January 2006).

Follow the Saddlers

Yet another site from Saddlers' fan, Dave (not updated since the end of the 2005-06 season).

Football Poems (1)

Poetry from ex-pat Saddlers' fan, David Foulkes, a.k.a. "Geordie Saddler", now living in Whitley Bay

Football Poems (2)

A solitary poem from Richard, another fan.  What a literate lot we are!

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Miscellaneous (11)

Civic Reception

An archive page from the Walsall M.B.C. website, covering the Mayoral reception and presentation of the League Two championship trophy on 8th May 2007.


Find out which Saddlers player that you are closest to.

Saddlers Photographs

A collection of pictures involving Walsall F.C.

Walsall's Past Managers

League Managers' Association site listing previous incumbents of the Saddlers' hot seat.  Reg(?) Shaw - should be Ray;  Billy(?) Moore - should be Bill.  Also, in the late 19th Century/early 20th Century, the team was selected by the Secretary & Committee rather than one individual.

Premier Football Books

A site for the sale of books relating to the Saddlers.

Football Chants

A collection of supporters' chants, including a page for Walsall

Football Cards

An Australian site listing football cards, published 1965 to 1980.  Excellent site which includes quite a few Walsall references, although you will need the internal search facility to find them.

Square Football

An article on Walsall F.C.'s prospects in 2008-09

Little Walsall Football Club

A section on the "Uncyclopedia" site giving a humorous take on the Saddlers - obviously written by a Dingle (Wolves fan).

Pro Soccer Consulting

Not strictly a Walsall F.C. site, it features former Saddlers manager and football consultant, Paul Taylor, whose company represents some of the Walsall players.

Walsall Wonderland

A shopping page on the Walsall Wonderland site selling a few items with a Paul Merson theme.

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Link Sites (2)


A (limited) links site.

This Is Football

A commercial version of this page - but not as good, of course!

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A Foreign Perspective (3)

F.A. Cup tie v. Charlton Athletic (26/2/02)

A German site logging the visit of some German groundhoppers to the match at the Valley, which Walsall won 2-1 and which saw Colin Lee as manager for the first time.  They also visited a number of West Midlands grounds but somehow missed out on a visit to Bescot Stadium - no accounting for tastes!!! Although in German, it is mainly pictorial.

Japanese Site

Surely the strangest site of the lot - a record of the visit of a Japanese fan to the Walsall v. Norwich City game on 1st November 2003 (a game which saw Walsall's Paul Ritchie and Norwich's Peter Crouch sent off!).  The text is in Japanese.

Swedish Fans

A Walsall page on a site for Swedish fans of foreign clubs, thanks to Pär Stener (see above).  Warning - it is in Swedish!

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Individual Players' Sites (40)

MySpace Sites Featuring Past & Present Walsall F.C. Players

Warning - lovers of the English language should prepare to be appalled when viewing these sites, as the majority are polluted by that garbage that is "textspeak" - aarrgghh!  One despairs of the standard of English education in our schools!

Mark Bradley

James Constable (Shrewsbury Town - on loan at Oxford United)

Marc Czuczman (Former Assistant Physio - now at Oldham Athletic F.C.)

Tom Cox

Rory Curtis (Willenhall Town)

Ishmel Demontagnac

Scott Dann (Coventry City)

Charlton Davies

Troy Deeney

Peter Doran

Will Grigg

Jonny Harkness (Linfield)

Harry Harris (Chasetown)

Karl Hawley (Northampton Town)

Stuart Hendrie

Joe Howes

Mark Lowe

David McDermott (Kidderminster Harriers)

Kyle Perry (Port Vale)

Allan Picken

Leon Quarless

Anton Reid (sadly deceased)

Michael Ricketts

Ed Ryan (Willenhall Town)

Jamie Silver (Coleshill Town)

Craig Stanley (Morecambe)

Richard Taundry

Luke Tilt (Willenhall Town)

Darryl Westlake

Bruce Wheeler

Jake Woollaston (Sutton Coldfield Town)

Club "MySpace" Site

"Dancing Kev"

A "Let's Kick Racism Out Of Football" feature on Netan Sansara

"Official Player Websites" pages for past Walsall F.C. players

Matty Fryatt (now Leicester City)

Gary O'Neil (on loan from Portsmouth in 2003 - now at Middlesbrough)

Darren Wrack's Testimonial Site

The popular and long-serving utility player has his testimonial season in 2007-08

Tony Richards Homage Site

Dedicated to one of the finest (some would say THE finest) players ever to play for the Saddlers

A Paul Merson Appreciation!

A blog by a Stockport County fan, in praise of Walsall' controversial former player-manager, following a match at Edgeley Park.

Edrissa Sonko

A fans' site from Roda J.C. in Holland paying homage to a former Walsall Gambian international player (now playing for Tranmere Rovers), "Mr. Sunshine", a.k.a. "Supersonko"!

Steve Roberts

A site showing off the artistic skills of the former Walsall Welsh International defender (who had to retire through injury).

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YouTube sites featuring the Saddlers (16)

To start it off - a selection of excellent clips by the Steven Spielberg of Bescot - "Magic Man Fan" of the UTS message board - and another selection from Linda Staines ("Kiansmom" of the same message board).

"Hairy Pete" has become something of a local legend with his self-penned songs, many of them highly derogatory about our local friends and rivals!

A short clip showing an enthusiastic Saddlers fan, without his drum, on this occasion.  Despite his obvious difficulties, he is harmless and means well.

Saddlers fans at Edgar Street, Hereford, with a rendition of "One Step Beyond", of which Madness would have been proud!  It also featured on the programme, Soccer-AM, on Sky TV.

From the same game, a rendition of "Minnie the Moocher".  Goodness knows what the late Cab Calloway would have thought of it!

A musical (?) question, posed at the above match.

En route to the above match, fans singing on the train.

The promotion and title-winning party at the County Ground, Swindon, 5th May 2007 - happy days!

Footage from the Swindon game, featuring Dean Keates's final goal of the season.

The squad enter Walsall town centre on an open-top 'bus, to receive the League Two Championship trophy from the Mayor.

Highlights of the home game v. Rochdale, in 2006-07, featuring Clayton Ince's own goal and Scott Dann's super solo effort.

A selection of goals scored by the Saddlers, between 2004 and 2007, mostly, but not exclusdively, at Bescot.

Highlights of the pre-season friendly v. Sporting Khalsa F.C., at Abbey Park, Bloxwich, on 1st August 2006.

One of the funnier moments from the 2006-07 season - the invasion of the multi-balls at Moss Rose, Macclesfield, in the F.A. Cup.

Wedding greetings to Steven and Chante, a pair of Walsall fans, from Richard Money, Jon Whitney, Clayton Ince (NOT Hector Sam!), Chris Westwood, Dean Keates and Martin Butler, during 2006-07.

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Defunct Sites (Sites no longer maintained but still out there in cyberspace!) (9)

4-3-1-2 Walsall FC

Launched in August 2004, a very promising site.  The title (a "take-off" of 4-4-2) refers to the tactical formation employed by Saddlers' manager, Paul Merson, in August 2004.  Sadly, its Cannock-based administrator suspended updates as a protest against the brain-dead hooligan element at the F.A. cup tie at Slough on 13/11/04.

Chris Miller's Site

An archive listing of some old pages.

Dave's Unofficial Walsall F.C. Pages

An old site from Dave Gittins.

The League of Football

Stuck in September 2001

WFC On-line

Phil Burton's Site is stuck in the Ray Graydon era (February 2001, to be precise).

Moaning Saddler

Match reports from the 2002-03 season.


A young supporter's site, neglected since 2006.  I just wish it were written in English!

Pride Of the Midlands

Stuck in the 2003-04 season (November 2003).


Not updated since the end of the 2003-04 season.

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Tribute Site to JolySaddler (1)

In April 2006, Oliver Hewitt, a 23 year-old dedicated Saddlers fan, from Aldridge in Walsall, died suddenly and unexpectedly, of myocarditis. He was a very popular and much respected young man and this site was set up in his memory.

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Spoof Site (1)

"Phil from Willenhall" Fan Site

Listeners to BBC Radio WM's Saturday evening post-match phone-in, like, will know of Phil, like, a regular caller, like.  His unique style of speaking, like, was at first an embarrasment, like, then an object of derision, like, until, finally, he gained cult status, like.

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Mobile Telephone Network Sites (6)
Note:- ID & Password needed for all of these sites

The club offers four levels of SMS text messaging news service.  See the "Mobile Zone" on the official club site, above.  To sign up, simply send a text message saying "CLUB WALS ON" to 88442.  This is available on all six networks and is in addition to the networks' own services, listed below.

O2 Phone Site

Get Saddlers' news stories sent to your mobile phone IF you are on O2 by texting "ALERT WLS"to 80202

Orange Phone Site

Same for the Orange network by texting "FOOTBN WALFC" to 177 or by calling 277

T-mobile Phone Site

T-mobile network - no service offered

Virgin Phone Site

Virgin network - no service offered

Vodaphone Site

Vodaphone network - no service offered for League One

3 Phone Site

3 network - football download available to subscribers

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To visit the sites of Walsall F.C.'s main sponsors and partners, please click on the appropriate image (8)

Logo of Banks's Brewery Flights Hallmark West Bromwich Building Society Asda
Homeserve Logo of Floors-2-Go
College of Continuing Education
Walsall NHSWalsall Primary Care Trust

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